Beach Hooky Day

Happy Monday all!

You know what is the best thing about the upcoming Summer? Beach Hooky Days. What’s a Beach Hooky Day?  It’s a day when you call out from work, drop the kids off at camp, your mom’s house or wherever (kids are not allowed on Beach Hooky Day, ok?) and you head to the beach with your girls or by yourself.  Beach Hooky Days usually are Monday thru Thursday when the beach isn’t overcrowded.  This way you can get a prime spot without 10,000 people next to you.

Beach Hooky Day a day for YOU to take a pause from the stress of life.  It’s a day for regrouping especially if work, your partner or kids are wearing your poor nerves out!  On  Beach Hooky Day the only activities allowed are sunbathing (don’t forget the SPF y’all!), sipping DIY cocktails (check out these yummy sangria recipes) and relaxing! On Beach Hooky Day there is no feeling guilty and you can take as many as you like. Everyone deserves a Beach Hooky Day, so why not you?!

Below is a list of what is needed for Beach Hooky Day!

Have a wonderful day!

  1. An Awesome Bathing Suit:  While going in the water is optional, looking fantastic is not! You gotta look cute sipping on your cocktails and looking fabulous in the sun! target marimekko, plus size bathing suits, target plus size bathing suits, plus size women, curvy, curvy women, curvy woman, summer, black & white bathing suits


2. Cool Cover-up: Ditch the frumpy cover up for one that is just as cute as your bathing suit!

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3.  Fun Beach Tote:  Keep the old, ripped beach totes at home! Invest in a fun tote that is stylish and functional.

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4.  Cute Slides: Who says you have to wear flip flops to the beach? There are plenty of cute footwear options to wear to the beach.

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5. Colorful Beach Towel:  Do not, I repeat, do not bring a bath towel to the beach. This also goes for your kid’s Minion beach towel!
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