#Team Carry On

Happy Monday all!

With a few trips coming up this year,  I’ve challenged myself to only take a carry on bag when I travel. As a chronic over packer (I packed  60 lb worth of clothes when I went to Bermuda last May!) I found myself wearing less than half  of what I packed.    My suitcases have always hovered around the 40-50 lb mark so it was time for a change.   No more weighing my suitcase the night before on my bathroom scale to see if it comes under the 50 lb minimum for checked luggage.  No more straining my back trying to lift heavy suitcases.  I’ve practiced my Team Carry On skills a few short weekend trips  to prepare for my first  extended vacation. I’ll admit my over packing tendencies have tried to come back but I’m fighting back the urge to pack more clothes (seriously, I don’t need 5 dresses for 6 days!)

After going back and forth, below is a sample of what I’m packing for my 6 day trip to Dubai.  Because the countries of the U.A.E  are conservative  and Muslim, I researched what was acceptable to wear there.  Whenever I travel outside the US, I’m very conscious of the ‘”ugly American” stereotype.  It is important for me to show not all Americans are arrogant and culturally ignorant by researching and respecting the societal  norms of that county.  With the information gathered, I was able to assemble  a wardrobe that will not only to fit into my carry on bag but adhere to their cultural norms.

Which side are you…Team Carry On or Team Checked Bag? If you have any packing suggestions please share!

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Stripe t shirt

T shirt

The Perfect Crop


Chambray skirt


Converse laced up flat

Topshop sandals

7 thoughts on “#Team Carry On

  1. I also struggled to change my overpacking ways….relatively successfully! I still pack more than your average bear, but wayyyy less than I used to. It looks like your finding the way to your own lighter travel, so kudos to you! Have a blast in Dubai. 🙂 Keep an eye out for the wealthy playboys that supposedly hang out in that neck of the woods. *wink*

  2. Oh my! That is a very brave move. I’m all for checking in baggage for all but the shortest of weekend trips. I worry that I don’t know what shoes I’ll need, whether it will be hot (summer clothes) or cold (I’ll need a jumper and jeans), not to mention my toiletries bag. Plus a towel, bathers (not that I ever swim), books… etc.

  3. I hear you about overpacking. I think we’ve probably all been guilty of that at one time or another! Does the hotel you’re staying at offer washers/dryers or laundry services? It may be worth it to plan putting some money aside for those services if offered.

    I also read an Australian stylist/blogger who went to Dubai about 2 years ago. She’s got some interesting posts about it if you’re interested: https://www.insideoutstyleblog.com/?s=dubai

    I can’t wait to hear your stories and see the pics from your upcoming vacation!

  4. Check out Travel Fashion Girl blog for really helpful hints about how to go carry-on all the way… her tips helped me do 2-weeks in Alaska last summer out of a back pack. Yes, a back pack!

  5. Having been to Dubai you’ve hit the nail on the head, be careful that heat is a killer and if possible to the sand dune safari tour at sunset followed by a barbecue it really was a highlight and watching the sub. Set on the desert truly beautiful

  6. I’m quite good at managing the clothing for carry on… it’s the toiletries that get me. I really struggle to get everything I want into that little plastic bag so I often take a carry on sized bag but check it so I can take more toiletries.

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