Casual Friday: Secret Santa/Pollyanna Gifts for Under $25

TGIF all!

First I would like to thank everyone who responded to my last post. Reading your encouraging words mean so much to me. Returning to school after 19 years has been SO stressful. I’m almost finished with the semester and honestly I’m seriously contemplating whether I’m going to continue or not. I’m not going to make any decisions about my education until after the Thanksgiving holiday.  I want to enjoy my favorite holiday with family and friends without thinking about school. Again THANK YOU for being the BEST readers a gal can have!!!!

Thanksgiving doesn’t just usher in the holiday season, it marks the beginning of  Secret Santa/Pollyanna season too.   While people love participating in Secret Santa/Pollyanna, searching for the perfect  gift can turn people into a Grinch! So to help you out, I’ve picked out a few  Secret Santa/Pollyanna gifts for under $25 that will not disappoint!

Have a wonderful weekend!


$25 and Under Pollyanna Gifts1. Godiva 2. Mini Emergency Kit for Her from Sephora    3. Yankee Candle  4. Frayed Tartan Plaid Scarf 5. North Pole Gift Set from Bath & Body Works 6. Keurig Christmas Tree Coffee Set 7. H&M Handbag


One thought on “Casual Friday: Secret Santa/Pollyanna Gifts for Under $25

  1. I just found your blog and am happy to see that you came back! I hope you make the decision that is best for you!!! looking forward to seeing more of your colorful outfits in plus size!!!!
    Best reagrds

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