Casual Friday: Speak Out!

TGIF all

On Wednesday I made the decision to watch the  body cam video of  the University of Cincinnati police officer shooting Sam DuBose. I  couldn’t brush off the feeling that I needed to know what happened to him.  I didn’t watch the Sandra Bland video because emotionally I wasn’t ready.  Watching  what transpired between the officer and Sam DuBose has left me hurt and angered.  Their deaths have deeply affected me because they are no different from me.   I’ve switched lanes without using a signal.  I have driven my car around without a license plate.  I’ve been pulled over  by police and have questioned them as to why I was being stopped.  Never would I think any of these interactions could end in my death.  For whatever reason, something inside those officers felt like aggressive, deadly force was the only way to resolve the issue.  I can’t stop thinking that if they saw Sandra Bland and Sam DuBose as human beings, they would be here with us today.

I sincerely hope this post doesn’t offend anyone but the persistent issue of police brutality is weighing heavily on me and I had to speak out.

Have a wonderful weekend

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30 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Speak Out!

  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been depressed over these murders too for the same reason – it could so easily be me. I was stopped by the police a few years ago because the corner of my old license tab was sticking out from the new one. Seriously, that’s what the office said. It is a huge weight hanging over the head of every Black person, very Brown person, every person of color. Sending blessings to you Sister.

  2. I’m sickened and horrified by the viciousness of the racism revealed by the tragic, pointless deaths of so many people of color. As a white person I don’t feel it’s my place to comment on racism but I’ve known for a long time that racism is a fatal, ugly disease that runs deep in this nation. This cannot go on. We must find our way out or it will destroy us all.

  3. I can’t believe (I mean, i can, but I can’t) that the cops treat black people differently and black people have to fear for their lives when pulled over by the police!!! I see everyone, and I mean EVERYONE the same!!! I have black friends, Indian friends, Caucasian friends, Jewish friends, African friends, Maori friends, stupid friends, smart friends, biker friends, geek friends, Aboriginal friends, friends with disabilities, friends with abilities, and we are ALL. THE. SAME.

    Saying that, I don’t think all cops are the same. I am certain there are those who became cops to make some good in the world and to protect and serve. Others are just power hungry arseholes who do pull black people over because they are black. Who do break the very law they are pledging to adhere to. It makes me very sad. #BlackLivesMatter #ALLlivesmatter

    • I wish in 2015 this kind of racism didnt exist but unfortunately here in the States is does. It’s so deeply entrenched in the fabric of our society and it’s going to take ALL of us to finally be rid of it.

  4. Oh my God, of course this doesn’t offend me! I agree with you. The police need to be held accountable for their racism and poor behaviour in general. In my own blog, I actually just wrote about how poorly the police deal with sexual abuse and rape cases, especially if the victims are of colour. Something isn’t working in the justice system.

    But, on a happier note: You got this skirt!!! I have it too and I love it. It shows up in my blog from time to time.

    • Such a thoughtful post. I never thought about it as well that a police officer could do that to me. Women of color have always been mistreated and harmed since the beginning of time, because we have been considered disposable.

      I have been saddened as well over the events that have transpired and the frequency and ferocity in which they are happening. I grieve for all the families. It is horrific that in our society there is such blatant disregard for life. “All Lives Matter!!!”

      • Unfortunately in this society not all lives are deemed important and that is why the Black Lives Matter movement is vital because it addresses the atrocities that continue to occur especially in regards to police brutality.

  5. Thank you for writing this post. I am white so I cannot know, through experience, what you or any person of color must go through on a daily basis. I do listen to everyone’s story though. I grew up in a large metropolitan area and I’ve always had wonderful friends of all skin colors. Just incredibly lovely people. It appalls me to think that any one of them could be gone, killed, simply due to their skin color. I am sickened and disgusted at what these police officers have been allowed to get away with. Mostly though, I’m ashamed at the white people, especially those in power, that won’t do anything about this. Certainly we’ve evolved from our caveman days and this racism needs to be stopped. I get disheartened that my voice is just one little one, but I keep hoping that one day MLK’s dream will come true.

  6. I have great respect for you and thank you for your posting about this crucial issue. This morning I saw an interview with the commissioner of police in your city, Mr. Ramsey. He spoke about the recruitment and cameras, etc. I hope you were able to see this.
    The violence in today’s society is something we must all deal with if we want to survive as a people.

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