Redbook’s Real Women Style Award Winner!

Happy Tuesday all! I’m SO happy to (finally!!!) announce that I am one of the winners of Redbook Magazine’s Real Women Style Awards! This is such a huge honor for me because I never thought I would  ever be in a fashion magazine.  I cried so hard when I found out I had been chosen. I remember when I thought I was disgusting and ugly because I was plus size.  I’m so grateful that God showed me how to accept my body and stop being ashamed of it. I now have an appreciation of the blessings I’ve been given even on my bad days.  My wish is that being in Redbook will inspire one woman to accept her body and celebrate it!

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 And to think I almost didn’t enter!  I had completely forgotten about the contest until the last day to enter and submitted my photos! Thank you  Redbook and JCPenney for allowing me to be apart of this awesome opportunity!  Check out the other winners here and their blogs. These ladies have some SERIOUS style! RBK_RealWomenStyleAwards_Option 1 Update(1) Kimberly: Penny Pincher Fashion Catie: Fleur d’Elise Victoria: It’s Versayce Brittany: The Brilliance of B Caroline: House of Harper Kendi: Kendi Everyday Maria: The Style Letters Karla: Karlareed (Instagram) Marisa: A Lovely Living

Have a wonderful day!

67 thoughts on “Redbook’s Real Women Style Award Winner!

  1. I was soooooo excited when I saw this! I LOVE it when good things happen to people who work hard and keep thinking positively! So proud and happy for you ❤

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m excited and happy for you, you SO deserve it! I check your blog daily for updates, I love your style and your personality – truly a great example! Thanks for repping for the Grown Women, LOL!

  3. I actually saw you in the magazine before I saw this post and I was SO EXCITED! Like “I KNOW HER!!” (In a manner of speaking!) You truly, truly deserve to have been chosen and I am so delighted the magazine recognizes the thought and effort and talent that goes into your styling and your blog. Congratulations!!

  4. Your post made me cry–you are just such an inspiration to me with your positive attitude, sense of humor, and love of life. I had so much fun with you during our three days in NY and am so excited to see what you’ll do next. You’re amazing, Georgette!

  5. Congratulations on a well deserved honor! You have such a beautiful smile and put your clothes together with a sassy, unique look that is delightful at any age or size.

  6. Congratulations! You always look fabulous! Do you have any suggestion for fashion blogs for older ladies who are curvy? I am 60 now and find it a challenge to look good as a curvy woman who is older.

  7. I was just reading my Redbook magazine (digital version – on my tablet) at lunchtime and I was so happy to see you, I almost yelled “woo hoo” out loud – but then I remembered that I’m at work. I didn’t want to be hauled away by Human Resources so I just “woo hoo-d” in my head. LOL So happy for you! You really are an inspiration to all of us plus-sized ladies.

  8. Congratulations!!! I saw you in Redbook and that’s what led me to your blog. You have definitely inspired me to start dressing “outside the box” and start loving the skin I’m in….you go, Sista!!

  9. I am so happy for you and for plus size women (myself included) that such a beautiful example of how to be chic, stylish, and trendy, YOU, won. Good for you. I love your blog. I found you on the 40+plus style blog, pinned your blog right away and have been following ever since. This is great, I am glad you went for it and entered.

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