Spring Trends to Wear Now…Black & White

Happy Hump Day!

After I finished my last post I realized that the three trends I wrote about (florals, black & white and pastels) could be worn now with a few modifications (i.e. tights).  I picked black & white first because it’s easy to wear and accessible.  In the previous post, I mentioned wearing different prints together, so I decided to show this by wearing black & white polka dots and stripes together.  Wearing the same color scheme when mixing prints is an easy way to ease into it without feeling overwhelmed. As you can probably tell, polka dots and stripes are a favorite of mine.   It’s important that you find a combination of prints that YOU like. Once you find a combo that works for you, try wearing it in different colors!

Also I want to give a shout out to Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely for the outfit inspiration today!

Have a wonderful day!

IMG_7632 IMG_7638 IMG_7641 IMG_7647

Skirt: Simply Be (here)
Shirt: Lane Bryant (here)
Blazer: Calvin Klein (bought last year)
Wedges: Bandalino (old)

21 thoughts on “Spring Trends to Wear Now…Black & White

  1. You look simply breathtaking ! Black and white with a pop of color is beautiful… and plus you are breaking fashion rules like don’t wear horizontal stripes… lotsa respect! Love your dressing sense 🙂

    Love, Wink n Pout
    Blog , App

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment. I want women to know that they dont have to be confined to fashion rules. I really believe you should dress in clothing that makes you look & feel good.

    • i agree a hundred per cent with you App !!!i like the mix of colors and of patterns !!!bravo you look great !!!!

  2. You look good no matter what you wear. I have yet to see you in something that didn’t make you look good. I think there are people who can wear anything and look great; and there are people who look frumpy and wrinkled no matter what they wear. I have two sons – one of each! LOL

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  4. Awesome outfit. You inspired me to buy a similar skirt (vertical stripes). I am only unsure which top to go for. Was thinking of getting a black blouse with white polka dots. Or maybe something in a bright blue. What would you recommend??

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