5 Things Im Loving Right Now

Happy Monday all!

1. d’Orsay Flats:

I’ve always thought d’Orsay flats  were cute so I decided to pick up a pair for the upcoming Spring.  I absolutely love flats and these are a perfect addition to my flat collection.  What do you think?

Untitled #48

Melissa flat shoes

Halogen flat shoes

Nine west shoes

BC Footwear flat shoes

Sole Society flat shoes

Chinese Laundry flat shoes

2. Lupita Nyong’o:

I have such a girl crush on Lupita Nyong’o! From her soul crushing performance as Patsey in “12 Years a Slave” to her amazing sense of style, I’m here for all of it! She seems to be well grounded and humble which I hope translates into a long successful career. So when I’m watching the Oscars next Sunday, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for her! Go Lupita!


3. IGIGI Chelsea Dress in Fuego:

You all know how I feel about IGIGI. I absolutely love their dresses and how they fit my body.  What sold me on this dress was the print.  It reminded me of an unfinished  water-color painting. Add the color scheme and I couldn’t resist!

IMG_7578 IMG_7585 IMG_7588

Coat: Talbots Woman (here)
Dress: c/o IGIGI
Heels: Ivanka Trump (here)
Necklace: Gap Outlet (old)
Clutch: Old Navy (old)

4. Duolingo:

My friend Tamera suggested I download Duolingo to help me learn some French for my upcoming trip to Paris.  Whenever I go abroad, I try to learn a few phrases to get around.  What I like most about this app is that it is so easy to use and I really feel like I’m learning French (not fluent but enough to say “where is the bathroom?”!)

5. Voskos Greek Yogurt:

After trying Voskos a try last week I’m adding it to my list of  favorite yogurts. I had the  wild strawberry and  apricot mango yogurts and both were very creamy.  Neither had the funny after taste that is common in a lot of non fat yogurts. I plan on trying the exotic fig and Greek honey varieties this week…YUM!


21 thoughts on “5 Things Im Loving Right Now

  1. Haha. As I sit here typing, I’m wearing a pair of black Steve Madden d’Orsay flats!! I love them. The only thing, I had to go down half a size to fit them. Same with an Adrienne Vitadini (sp?) pair I tried on. They’re definitely a shoe that has to fit well, no fudging the fit with them.

    I love that Igigi dress on you! Gorgeous colors and a perfect fit!

  2. The colors on the dress are gorgeous. And I love wearing flats; I can’t wear heels any more – my feet don’t like them. My feet don’t really like closed shoes at all, so it’s a good thing I live where I can wear sandals year round. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh…you are a knockout in that dress! So freakin pretty. I’ve been trying to use Duolingo to brush up on my Spanish but so far I have not stuck with it haha. And thanks for the yogurt suggestion, I love greek yogurt!

  4. Your outfit is a beautiful take on Lupita’s, and looks just as stunning. You have great style, and your bright spirit jumps off the screen. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Seeing your outfit post on Instagram, I had to come see the full post! The Chelsea Dress in Fuego looks ah-mazing on you. Truly. It’s so pretty against your skin. I’ so excited to come up with new ways to style mine. I think I need a hot pink coat so I can copy your look here!

    And those d’Orsay flats! I am in love! I love ballet flats, and I’m always walking around downtown, so I’ve had to make the switch from heels to flats for the sake of my ankles. lol I love them because there’s just something so chic about them that elevates them from the traditional ballet flat.

    ❤ Liz

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