NYE 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!

Just a quick to post to show what I wore last night.  My girlfriends and I went to dinner at Grand Lux Cafe and hit the casino afterward (Donna won a whopping $17! LOL).  Hanging with my girls and sharing laughs was the best way to bring in the new year!

What did you do for NYE?

Have a wonderful day!



Jacket: Gap
Skirt: Simply Be
Tank: Banana Republic
Necklace: c/o Lane Bryant
Clutch: The Perfect Clutch (sign up here and get 40% off your first order!)

16 thoughts on “NYE 2013!

  1. Love the hot pink! I purposely bought a hot pink beanie to cover my bald head. If I have to be bald, I’m gonna have fun with it!! And a whole $17? Wow!! Don’t spend it all in one place!!! LOL

  2. I love this outfit! If I saw it on a mannequin at a store, I would buy every single piece. Plus, I know I’ve already told you at least twice how in love with that jacket I am!

    Sounds like your NYE was a blast. I would be thrilled about $17 in winnings! Breaking even is a mark of a successful casino trip IMO. You get to spend the time but not waste your money. But hey, I wouldn’t say no to a jackpot.

    My husband and I hit a couple of our favorite bars downtown and then headed back to our apartment for carry-out, a movie marathon, and board games. We went out on the town to create the appearance of not being hermits…and then back into our shell we went. lol

    Happy New Year!


    • Thank you so much! You and several other people have told me how much in love they are with the jacket. I might have to hire a security guard for it! LOL

      I liked how you and your hubby brought in the new year. After the casino we made it back to my friend’s house to watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV. By 12:30am we were all sleep on her couch! LOL

  3. You look Great here and that Jacket is everything. I am glad to have met you last year and looking forward to more of your posts this year. Happy 2014!!

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