5 Things Im Loving Right Now

TGIF all!

1. Sleepy Hollow


Next to NBC’s “The Blacklist”, “Sleepy Hollow” on Fox is my favorite new TV show of the year. The updated, modern take on the “Sleepy Hollow” story is refreshing and fun. It’s almost like a supernatural “X Files”!  The main characters Ichabod Crane and Lt. Abby Mills (played wonderfully by Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie) chemistry is the core of the show. Their interactions feel natural and not forced which makes for great television.  If you haven’t checked it out, do so. I promise you wont regret it!

2. Hourglass Icon

hourglasslipstickiconA few weeks ago while browsing through Sephora, I came across Icon from Hourglass. I can honestly say it is the BEST red lipstick Ive ever owned. Period! It compliments my dark skin and makes my lips pop. If I could I would wear this lipstick every day!

3. The Best Man Holiday

the-best-man-holiday-posterAs a huge fan of  “The Best Man” (1999),  I was beyond excited when it was announced they were making sequel.  I was not disappointed one bit with the sequel.  I laughed, cried and laughed some more! I hope Hollywood continues to make movies that show the full diversity and dimension of African Americans.

4. Bauble Bar

9138_04_2Bauble Bar for me is the best place to get gorgeous statement necklaces. I own several of their necklaces and would highly recommend them for your accessory needs!

5. Voskos Greek Yogurt

440x320_VoskosProducts_Snack_Blueberry1Are you looking for a good non fat yogurt without the funny after taste? Let me introduce you to Voskos! The yogurt is so smooth and creamy you forget it contains no fat!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “5 Things Im Loving Right Now

  1. There is nothing better than finding your perfect red lipstick. I have a Revlon one that I wear at least a couple of times a week. I don’t think they make it anymore so I am dreading it eventually running out.

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