Casual Friday: Work In Progress

TGIF all!

I gotta be honest, I’m not feeling my outfit today. Being casual is always a struggle for me because I’m so used to dressing up everyday. Does this sound silly? I’ve seen other women (such as my new blogger crush Curves and Curls) with amazing casual style but I just cant do it! Gimme a pencil skirt and some kitten heels and I’m good to go. Give me a pair of jeans and shirt and I’m at a loss. Go figure! 

Nevertheless, I’m committed to improving my casual style. If any of you have any tips please feel free to share!

Have a great weekend!

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Coat: Old Navy
Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Necklace: Banana Republic
Shoes: Gap

20 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Work In Progress

  1. I think that casual does not necessarily imply “casual” but rather “don’t wear a suit and tie to work today”. Thus, with that interpretation, I think you can continue to wear your gorgeous kitten heels and a nice pencil skirt, and casual Friday can get stuffed! Who came up with that nonsense, anyway? Long live days past where frocking up with gloves and a hat was the norm, and the guys wore suits, ties and a fedora. Gee the High Streets would have looked swell back then! Gangster style all the way.

    You do look gorgeous and it’s great to see you sporting Australia’s colours! Hehe.

  2. gorgeous colour for the winter too, and it is a great casual look! I think I always look the same, I’m always in a dress or skirt! my casual seems to be pyjamas at home! – I think you look great though, and always with the killer accessories, the necklace and shoes are just amazing! x x x

  3. You actually do casual quite well – love this fall outfit! A coat with jeans, great sweater and flats or boots is always a winner in my book.

  4. I just commented about this on another blog because she does casual chic so well, and I just can’t seem to get it right! I love dressing up, I’m practiced at it, and I feel great when I’m doing it. But I feel like I should be able to dress casually and still feel stylish. So many women do casual so well, but I feel like a slob in my basics. I think I play it too safe in my casual wear and could employ some of what you’re doing here to glam things up. I like the two shades of green playing off one another, the bold contrast with the pink necklace, and the sassy animal print flats. I think my trouble is in how I combine my basic components, and I need to make bolder, more surprising choices like you’ve done here. But that you still feel blah about it when I think it looks so sharp and smart = booooo! haha


  5. You are so sweet , thank you for the mention. You are looking gorgeous , I am always amazed at the fact that you effortlessly mix all these beautiful and bright colours.

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