Putting It All Together

Happy Hump Day!

Shopping my closet this week has been very interesting.  While going through my closet, I had to acknowledge my cycle of shopping.  I found when I would get frustrated while figuring out what to wear, I would just give up and buy a new outfit.  Sounds crazy right? I  would justify needing new clothes by saying “I don’t have anything to wear!”   I’m ashamed to say there are clothes in my closet that I’ve only worn maybe twice and haven’t wore them again.  This leopard print shirt and mustard yellow pencil skirt I’m wearing today is prime example of this.  I can count on one hand how many times I’ve worn them, which is a shame.  There are so many ways I can style these pieces and I plan on finally giving them their due!

What gems do you have in your closet that you aren’t wearing?

Have a wonderful day!


Jacket: Kohls

Skirt: Lane Bryant

Shirt: Old Navy

Booties: Ivanka Trump

Necklace: Modcloth

30 thoughts on “Putting It All Together

    • Awww dont say that! Let me let you in on a secret, it takes me almost an hour to put together an outfit that I like. I put on about 10 different combinations before I find one that I love. I struggle with putting things together too.

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m exactly the same way! There are items in my closet that I haven’t even worn once. Things I tried on and bought during a sale and then complete forget I have them… I should really go through my closet and put those items towards the front. I usually choose my outfit from whatever is nearest to the entrance…

  2. Wow! That yellow is lovely. It is one of my favourite colours but I just can’t wear it. It doesn’t work with my skin tone at all.

  3. Love this outfit, especially the skirt! My issue is not that I have nothing to wear – I actually just have too many clothes. BUT when I see a top/jacket/skirt/dress that will go wonderfully with something I already have, I usually feel like I have to buy it . And then I stalk it until it’s marked down to 60-70% off and buy it. Because if it’s really inexpensive in price, it doesn’t count right, LOL! Hi, My name is Juliette and I’m a budget shopping addict! But this is helping Ms G, it is! And I love your leopard shirt – can’t wait to see more of that!

  4. What a find! I’m sure you will feel much better after the month is out for shopping your closet, and might even be motivated to continue. You look, as always, fantastic. xo

  5. You look GREAT in this outfit and the colors are so vivid. We are all guilty as charged in stocking our closets with too much. . .ME for sure. But I only shop at end of season sales, enjoy getting a great item for cheap and Swap what I don’t wear for good stuff with my friends.

  6. You should have a ‘wear stuff you don’t normally wear’ from your closet challenge for thirty days! HA. I need to know where you buy your tights/hose. It is hard to find dark ones for me that are not see through or uncomfortable. Thanks.

    • I actually have a closet challenge lined up after the 30 day No Shopping Challenge so stay tuned!
      I get my tights from Lane Bryant because they for me the best tights for me. Also make sure you get opaque tights which aren’t see through and are very dark. I hope I was helpful!

  7. I have the same jacket and shirt and would have never thought about wearing them together! I love this combination! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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