28 thoughts on “30 Day No Shopping Challenge

  1. I’m in! I was just thinking about this on Saturday (Calvin Klein red dress, $22.71 marked down from $139 – but I have 4 red dresses already.) I know that shopping is an issue for me so this is the kick in the pants that I need. Ditto on “Black Friday” Ms. G – I always say it’s the one day I don’t like to shop. This is right on time and you look lovely – Love you in red. Maybe I should send you that CK dress, LOL!

  2. okay…..the ONLY way I can not purchase “stuff” is to not go shopping. With the internet it’s pretty difficult because I get adverts from all my favorite on-line shops……but the key is DON’T CLICK ONTO THE SITE!!!! Difficult? Yes, but my credit card is scary right now, so it’s a must for me.

  3. Thank you. I have many of the same issues: too many clothes, shopping has become a hobby and I never follow through with “shopping my closet”. I’m joining you!!

  4. I decided to do a 6 month clothes shopping fast (started July 1st, ending December 31st). My husband has gotten me a few things for my birthday & our anniversary, and I bought 4 pairs of jeans for my son, because high waters aren’t cool. 🙂 Otherwise, I haven’t bought anything new for myself or my kids in the past 4 months. It frees up so much time, and I’ve come up with some outfits that I love by shopping my closet. Good luck! I know you can do it!

  5. Hi, Just wanted to tell you I think it’s great that you recognize you need to curtail your shopping for a while. I only really became interested in fashion about a year ago (and I’m 53 now!) and so for the past year I have gone a little crazy buying clothes. You have inspired me to truly plan and implement a shopping budget for myself!
    I have followed your blog for a while now and I think you have INCREDIBLE taste and always look gorgeous! I’m anxious to see what you come up with in the next month as you truly “shop your closet”! Best of luck to you and please keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate your support of my blog! Like you I became interested in fashion over a year ago and I went crazy with the shopping. Having the blog only fed my need for clothes but the buck stops here! 🙂

  6. Okay, Sugar Pie, you want inspiration? Here is some amazing inspiration! Check this out – one dress for 365 days. This girl decided to wear a LBD every day for a year. If you want to see the different things she has done with it, simply click on any day in any month on the calendar to the left of the screen. AMAZING. http://theuniformproject.com/year1/

    As far as you not shopping goes, why don’t you haul EVERYTHING out of your cupboard, decide what you can wear, what you will wear, and make a pile of those things you don’t think you will ever wear. Then take the “never wear” pile and have a swap day with some girlfriends who are a silmilar size. Or include everyone but don’t limit it to clothing. You can also include anything. I had a great swap at my place years back and it included thigns like kitchen utensils, dvds, ornaments, jewellery, shoes, clothes, cushions, half used bottles of perfume that people were sick of but were still good…

    I think you are doing really well setting yourself this challenge. Some very sage advice from a tightarse friend of mine was “to save money, I just don’t go near the shops”. That includes internet shopping these days, too, as you mentioned. I couldn’t stand the thought of Black Friday shopping… ALL THOSE PEOPLE! YUCK!

    Well, best of luck and let me know what you think of the LBD 365 link.

    • I clicked on the link and Im like WHOA thats amazing! Kudos to her for that challenge!
      As for the swap idea, I think Im gonna try it! That would be a great way to clean out my closet and to hang with the girls! Thank you for that! You rock! 🙂

      • Before I got married I just used to buy EVERYTHING I liked the look of, but my husband runs his own small business and it’s still in it’s very early stages so there are lots of ups and downs and I have to support him to some extent. Now I have to budget really, really hard and I look back and think, I can’t believe how much I used to spend and how much stuff I bought. Once you get used to it, it’s not as bad as you think 🙂

  7. Like Michelle above, I am a latecomer to the phenomenon of fashion bloggers… it’s only within the past couple of years I have gotten interested in fashion again (I’m 55 now). I have had a sort of renaissance in paying attention to fashion, because I was really interested in becoming a designer in my younger days! I also have totally revamped and updated my wardrobe in a rather short time (which means $$$), so I applaud your decision to curtail shopping once it becomes a problem. And I just have to say…. I still can’t believe you are over 40… you are so adorable (and don’t look at day over 30)!

    • Like you Ive totally revamped my wardrobe but I knew it was becoming a problem when I ordered 5 skirts in a span of a week! My BFF and I had a real heart to heart about my shopping and I finally admitted I had a problem. It’s difficult but I know Im gonna make it! 🙂

      Thank you so much for the compliment! It’s funny, when I was 30 people thought I was older! LOL

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  9. I think I’ve happened upon your blog before, but never commented (added you to my reader now). This post really spoke to me because I can so identify with the things you said in your vlog. I always have good intentions on taking a shopping break, but it never comes to fruition. I really need to do this. I shop A LOT! This was a great post and I truly plan to get it together & save some money in the process. lol Good luck to you! 🙂

  10. Good luck with your challenge!! That’s what life is about I think, to realize our best selves. Who knows about compulsive shopping’s roots…for me shopping often has to do with hope, finding something that will open some locked door. Maybe it’s because in all the super hero movies (the matrix for example) not only do the heros break through, they look damn sharp doing it.

    Here is a tip and a review of a CRAZY service I JUST heard about. I am not going to sign up right now, but for $1000 to 2000 dollars a year you can rent clothes! Crazy. If you shop over this about normally and don’t want to own any more, this might be something to check out. This blogger did a review on it. Again I have no experience with them.

    Gwynnie Bee rent plus size fashions

    Cheers and congratulations on your worthy quest!

    • Thank you so much! My No Shopping Challenge taught me alot about myself which has definitely changed the way I view myself and shopping.

      Actually earlier this year I gave Gwynnie Bee a try and I think its a great service!

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