Transitions Pt. 2: White Blazer

TGIF everybody!

Just because Summer is over,  it doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your white blazer.  You wont be breaking any “fashion rules” because it’s no longer taboo to wear white after Labor Day.  A white blazer gives an outfit a crisp, polished look. If you feel a little uneasy about wearing a white blazer during the cooler months, start off slow and pair it with black.  You can’t go wrong with that timeless combo.  Once you feel more comfortable wearing white, experiment with other items in your wardrobe.

Will you wear white during the Fall/Winter?

Have a wonderful weekend!

IMG_6124 IMG_6125 IMG_6126

Blazer: Tahari for Women

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins

Shirt: ASOS Curve (peplum shirt tucked in)

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Bandalino

41 thoughts on “Transitions Pt. 2: White Blazer

  1. I love this!!! It’s a STUNNING use of black and white!! I also really like the “print” contrast of the striped skirt and floral necklace, too. Plus it shows off your figure. Just a perfect outfit in every way.

  2. Georgette. I think we have gone over this before. I never wear white. lol. I’m far too messy to ever consider wearing white!!! Asides from that, YOU totally rock that outfit! I love what you are wearing in today’s blog, and that skirt is totally cute, cute, cute. 🙂 I think these shapes are ever so flattering for you – the skirt does your gorgeous hips total justice and the black top pinches in at the waist just delightfully giving you a lovely shape. I love the white flowers – is that an embellishment on the top itself, or is it a necklace you’ve added to the ensemble? What a lovely take on black and white. 😀 xo p.s. as always, your smile tops the outfit off perfectly.

    • I know, I know but maybe if I keep wearing I can subtly influence you to wear it! LOL
      Im also messy but Im just super duper extra careful when I wear white! And yes its a necklace that I completely forgot I had until I fished it out of my accessories pile! LOL Thank you so much for your kind words & witty comments!

  3. wow you look so beautiful ! the way you have defined that waist… and the skirt is the perfect length… plus the stripes cause the waist to look narrower and all.. we are so in love ! We are definitely pinning your image onto our boards if it is cool with you!

    And yes we would be donning winter white 🙂

    Love, Wink n Pout
    Blog, App

  4. I have yet to find the perfect white blazer, I love yours! And that skirt- so beautiful! I am so in love with this outfit (in case all my exclamations marks didn’t make that clear)

  5. You look great in that outfit! You and several other bloggers have been such a great fashion find for me. I am working very hard at breaking out of my very mundane fashion sense and trying new looks that I thought would never work for me! Unfortunately no fall or winter white for me for several reasons. 1-I live the in the Pacific Northwest and I fear we have lost any hope for any nice fall weather, we went from beautiful summer to rain and blustery weather 😦 2-No matter how careful I am white does not stay white long when I wear it…

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