5 Things Im Loving Right Now

Happy Hump Day all!

1. ASOS Biker Jacket:


I’ve been eying this jacket for a while now and it will be in my closet for Fall.  I’ve never owned a leather jacket before so I’m really excited to get it.   I cant wait to pair it with trousers and flowy skirts!

2. “Under The Dome”:


This CBS Summer series has enough twists and intrigue to keep you glued to your television.  The series is based on the Stephen King novel about a small town called Chester’s Mill that becomes cut off from the world by a mysterious dome.  The show focuses on the trapped citizens and the toll the dome takes on them.   So check out an episode. I’m sure you’ll end up hooked like me!

3. Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Puffs:


These Goldfish Puffs are a great alternative to chips.  Being a potato chip lover these puffs give me the crunch without all the guilt! So dig in!

4. MAC Ruby Woo:


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I used to be wary of red lipstick because I believed it wouldn’t look good on my dark skin. Thanks to MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick I’ve been made a believer.  I love that the red isn’t garish  and compliments my skin tone.

5. “The Great Food Truck Race”:


I love a good competition show and the “The Great Food Truck Race” is a quality entry.  The show is about eight food truck teams  traveling across the country  trying to win $50,000 and their own state of the art food truck. There is no forced drama, fights or negativity.  All the contestants are likable and have great background stories that make you root for all of them.  The host Tyler Florence is engaging and keeps the show going.  If you’re looking to for a good Sunday night show until the new Fall season arrives, give “The Great Food Truck Race” a try.

12 thoughts on “5 Things Im Loving Right Now

  1. I’m loving plain ol’ almonds for snacking….a super natural great crunch or as a special treat, mixed in with Greek Yogurt, and a teaspoon of honey…..heaven!

  2. Curvy Goddess,
    1. I luv the jacket!
    2. You sould read the book. It is so much better than the tv show.
    3. Never had the puffs. Ill have to try them.
    4. I swear by red and burgandy lipticks. Mac, even better!
    5. Agreed.

  3. The jacket is awesome. I got it as a birthday gift from the hubby in may and just as the summer comes, the jacket was delivered. So I haven’t worn it yet. So sad 😦 But fall is coming with huge steps. The jacket is really worth the price. 🙂

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