Weekend Edition: Which Way To Go

Happy Monday all!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty relaxed. On Saturday night I  had a date with a  nice man  who was respectful and made me smile.   Sunday afternoon I hung out with my girlfriends who I haven’t seen in a while due to our hectic schedules. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of my date outfit but I will say I clean up pretty nicely! 😉

Monday mornings are rough for me,  so I grabbed this dress because it was easy to wear. The bold print dominates the outfit so only minimal accessories are needed. After adding earrings, a bracelet and sandals I was ready to go in no time. The only downfall with this dress is that  it is higher in the back than in the front due to my “shelf” booty (LOL) so I end up constantly checking to see if my Spanx are showing( wearing  no shapewear is not an option for me).   I was too self conscious about the hike in the back so I ditched it and wore  something else.  I’m very much on the fence about whether I should keep or sell  this dress.  I love the print but I don’t like the length.  What should I do?!

Have an awesome day!

IMG_5340 IMG_5341

Dress: Kate Hill (from Lord & Taylor last year)
Shoes: Nine West
Bracelet: Lord & Taylor

55 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: Which Way To Go

  1. I love the print and it flatters you. Have you thought about shortening it and wearing as a tunic with some skinny jeans or leggings?

    • I agree, I think your legs look great in this dress and it compliments your curves. If you really love the print refurbish it as a tunic for cooler weather you could always wear tights/leggings or to achieve an edgy look even black faux leather leggings. I can relate when it comes to the “shelf booty” too being 5’5 with short legs shopping online for shorter length dresses can be tricky. I have two asos curve dresses that I could not send back because I loved them too much and will be rocking as a tunic this fall. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your own personal comfort level. Shapewear is my work wear armor LOL it gives me a smooth silhouette but also taking the subway in the city during rush hour may not put me in the most lady like situations LOL “Can I please just get a seat” haha. It gives me peace of mind especially when I am running up stairs and may have on a pencil skirt or a shorter summer dress.

      P.S. Totally love your blog! You have me actually wearing more color, favorite color is yellow. Your doing such a wonderful job keep up the great work.
      Take care.

      • First off THANK YOU for this great comment! It means the world to me that I could inspire you to wear more color! Yellow is an amazing color and I love it too death!

        I like you suggestion to wear faux leather leggings with the dress. I might have to consider that. It sounds edgy and fun!

  2. I do like it, its a pretty dress – however I have adopted a sell policy if I am not 100% happy with any dress, its gone (i know, I’m ruthless!!) x a nice respectful man who makes you smile – he sounds perfectly lovely x

    • I wish I could be that ruthless. I tend to develop an attachment to my clothes & dont want to let them go.
      Time will tell if my date is lovely…right now we’re just getting to know one another slowly 🙂

  3. I think wearing it as a tunic with skinny jeans or leggings, as others have suggested, would be great! You could also wear it as a top underneath a fuller, longer skirt. That way, you get the print you love, and it can be dressed up enough for work, but you won’t be worried about it hiking up.

  4. you are lovely,i love the print very much, and I like the idea of cutting it to a tunique !!eager to see this if you come to the idea !!have a great day

  5. i LOVE it, but if you dont feel comfy in it, then it’s all for naught. still, i say give it a chance – experiment with different ways to wear it and see if it’s worth keeping. if not, uh…send it my way! 😀

  6. Yes, I also love the idea of wearing it as a tunic (shortened a bit). It fits well, the colours and pattern really look good on you, why get rid of it? So, second date with the respectful fella?

    • I dont want to get rid of it so I will explore the tunic option. As for a second date, I really dont know. Im about to go on vacation for a week & a half. Hopefully he’ll remember me when I get back! LOL

  7. Love this dress on you and love your blog!! The tunic idea is great since it is so flattering on you, why get rid of it? Your blog is giving me great ideas and because of it, I am wearing a dress today. I was in a rut of only wearing capris to work in the summer and your blog inspired me to step it up! Not doing heels yet, but baby steps… 🙂

    • Im SO glad I inspired you to wear a dress! That really makes my day! And I completely hear you about heels. I stick only to kitten heels and low wedges. Im terribly clumsy so I need to be close to the floor as possible! 🙂

  8. This dress is FABULOUS!!! Do not part with it!! Can you sew? If yes, you can shorten your Spanx a bit. The upside of that is you can continue to show off your legs in other similarly short dresses.

  9. Sorry if this is a double-post, but don’t ruin that FABULOUS dress! Turning it into a tunic would do it, and you, no justice. Shorten your Spanx instead — you get the benefit of being able to wear shorter dresses and skirts with comfort, and also you’d get to wear the heck out of this beauty, as-is. Don’t let your underwear dictate your wardrobe!

    • Im still undecided as to how what Im going to do with the dress. I was thinking of taking it to my tailor to let the hem out to get a few more inches out of it so it wouldnt be so short. Thank you for ideas on what to do with the dress. You ladies have defintitely given me ALOT of ideas! 🙂

  10. Or alternatively, you could get your tailor to add a contrast panel to the hem. For example, you could find a plain piece of fabric (same type) in light blue to match the print, and add an extra few inches to the hem. You could then use that same fabric to add turn ups to the sleeve, or make a tie belt to bring it all together.

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  12. I was thinking of a coodinating waistband at the top of the skirt section, or, wear a black pencil skirt that is a couple inches longer underneath! That dress is gorgeous on you.

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