The Back Up Plan/Heatwave!

Happy Saturday all!

Yesterday I  had this amazing (in my mind) mix print outfit I was going to wear. I was so sure it would work that I  didn’t even bother to try it on to see if it would work.  Although I had faith in my outfit,  I  decided to  err on the side of caution and have another outfit on standby.   Needless to say  my “amazing” outfit was an epic fail so the back up was the outfit of the day!

On a side note, I was supposed to publish this post yesterday but after dealing with the extreme heat and traveling to NYC, I couldn’t muster the energy to complete it.   It was BEYOND hot yesterday.  Between the heat and oppressive humidity, just walking a short distance sapped your energy.  To make matters worse, I had to stand in that furnace for over 45 minutes because the bus I took to NYC was late!  I was sweating everywhere…even between my toes! When the bus finally arrived the AC was barely working!  UGH! Only trickles of semi cold air was coming out the vents.  I seriously wanted to cry because I’ve never been that hot and uncomfortable.   I had to sit in that  hot box for over THREE HOURS because traffic into NYC was at epic levels (the ride from Philadelphia to NYC is usually less than two hours).    Luckily NYC trains are generously air-conditioned so I was able to get some relief when I got on.  When I finally got to my sister’s house I passed out on her couch because I was so exhausted.  

If you’re in the States, stay cool and safe this weekend.  I heard this massive heat wave is supposed to end tonight (YES!!!).

Have a great day!

IMG_5289 IMG_5290 IMG_5294

Pants: Avenue (old)

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft

Necklace: ModCloth

Sandals: Nine West

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