Casual Friday/Expanding Options


Today my post  is inspired by  GarnerStyle’s  post about  how to shop “straight” sizes.  It  got me thinking about how I’ve successfully incorporated “straight” sizes into my wardrobe.  My favorites are Gap, Old Navy and Ann Taylor Loft.  Gap and Old Navy go up to a size 20 online (in stores they both go up to a size 18).   I find Gap to be true to size but Old Navy’s cut can vary depending on the item. I have XL and XXL shirts, XL dresses and L skirts from them.   Ann Taylor Loft online goes up to an 18 or XXL but I find that their XL  shirts that are in store  are cut generously.  I’m an 18 on top and can get into an XL comfortably.   Also many outlet stores  carry extended sizes that their stores do not.  

The important thing is not to limit yourself.  Go to the  misses department in  Macys  and explore, try on  shirts in H&M, see if that skirt at  The Limited will work.   The only thing that can happen is an item doesn’t fit.  Trying on different things helps you get an idea of what does and doesn’t work for you when shopping straight sizes.    You might  be surprised by what you may find!   Definitely check out Chastity’s post “Shopping Straight Size”  as it is a great  reference what to look for when shopping straight sizes.

What are some of your “straight” size favorites?

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Casual Friday/Expanding Options

  1. Great post! I have to admit that I haven’t even attempted to squeeze myself into apparel from a straight size shop in years…trying to preserve my feelings. *lol* But, you are giving me hope…may have to give the Gap and Old Navy a go!

  2. You are so right! I buy items in the Juniors, Missy & Plus size departments at Macys. I do not care what size is on the garment as long as it fits and I like it. If you like something in a store, just try it on.. . .

  3. such a good point, I don’t go to some shops simply because of my sweeping generalisation that they won’t have anything to fit (sometimes a little boutique will have intrigued me and I go in, and it must be a lack of confidence because if there is nothing obviously in my size I look at the shoes/bags and escape-I obviously need to be bolder!)x

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