Weekend Edition/Too Hot!

Happy Monday all!

To say it was hot this past weekend would be an understatement.  Since I’ve inherited my mother’s dislike for the heat I attempted to stay in the house under the central air but that got boring real quick!  So when Tamera called and wanted to hang out  Sunday afternoon, I quickly pulled together an outfit for the  sweltering heat.   I’ll admit I still have some hang ups about my big arms but it was too hot for me to care about what other people think.  The last thing I want to be  is covered up on a sweltering day,  so my arms had no choice but to come out!

How was your weekend?

Have a great day!

IMG_5153 IMG_5160 IMG_5161

Skirt: Kristen Miles (via Madison Plus)

Tank: Fashion Bug Plus (very old!)

Sandals: DV Dolce Vita (Archer sandal)

Bag: Coach

12 thoughts on “Weekend Edition/Too Hot!

  1. As always you look gorgeous. Isn’t it funny how the weather changes so quickly. It seems only yesterday you were groaning that it wasn’t summer yet… now it’s sweltering – and I had to scrape ice off my windscreen tonight after work at midnight. haha. I find skirts really hot in hot weather and would much rather wear short shorts.!

  2. you look so fresh and breezy! the colours look gorgeous and the skirt is so pretty, I think we know how much I adore your shoes hehe, how hot is it? England is having a heatwave – this means we have a temperature of about 80 degrees hehe x

  3. Love the orange dotted skirt! I absolutely adore dresses in the summer; I just received a pair of “bloomers” that have eliminated the chafing in the thigh area, which, in the past prohibited me from wearing my beautiful dresses.

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