Weekend Edition/Small Hurdles

Happy Monday all!

As you ladies (and some gents!) know I love wearing prints but when it comes to printed pants I pause.   I tend to be self-conscious about my ample hips and printed pants would definitely highlight them.  I bought a pair of  printed Eloquii  pants back in January  with every intention of being brave and wearing them but I just couldn’t do it.

While browsing the  Pose application on my phone a few weeks ago I came across the beautiful Natalie of The Tiny Closet wearing this wonderful outfit.


In Natalie’s post, she talked about her apprehension towards wearing prints. Among the reasons she cited for passing them over was the possibility that wearing them might not suit her build.  Eventually Natalie decided to wear a bright print skirt (which she made!) and paired it with pieces that allowed the print to stand out.   Natalie’s post got me to thinking about my neglected Eloquii pants.  She and I have similar misgivings about wearing print but by her willingness to step outside her comfort zone, Natalie was able to overcome her apprehension.  The post really resonated with me because I know stepping outside your comfort zone can be  scary but the payoff is that you grow as a person. I decided to put aside my fears and wear my printed pants.    Surprisingly  I didn’t feel as self-conscious about my hips as I thought I would.  No one ran out of their house screaming  “HIPS!!!”.  Natalie’s post inspired me to overcome this small hurdle.   It feels good to not to be  self conscious about wearing printed pants.

Please check out Natalie’s blog for more fabulous looks! Have a great day!

Disclaimer: All pictures used  are property of  The Case of the Tiny Closet.  I was given permission to use  this photograph for this post.


Pants: Eloquii

Blouse: Old Navy

Sandals: Nine West

Necklace: Lane Bryant

22 thoughts on “Weekend Edition/Small Hurdles

  1. Are you kidding me??? Those pants DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, make me notice your hips….I think it does the opposite. I just love those pants and how you look in them.

  2. I’m so grateful for your post…I too purchased some printed pants from Lane Bryant but was nervous to wear them and today I actually have them in a bag to return them! I think I just may hold on to them and give them a try! Thanks for your inspiration!!!

    • Thank you!!! I hope you do wear them. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. I was so wrapped up in what people MIGHT say, I stopped challenging myself. What I realized was nobody cares what I wear! And if they got something to say, thats their issue, not mine!

  3. LOL at the visual of people screaming “HIPS! HIPS!” I know what you mean, girl…all too well! That’s why I almost always stick with the “rule” of wearing something simple on the “bottom”…and I’ve totally ignored the shorts trend. *lol* Lookin good as usual!

    • Thank you hon! I really thought ppl would run out their houses! LOL
      No shorts huh? Cant say I dont understand. It took me years to dig up the courage to wear bermuda shorts. Those are the ONLY shorts Ill wear.

  4. Why would you think twice about wearing those nice “fit you like a glove pants”? I just love the new prints myself and you need to get some more before Eloquii close its doors. . .

  5. I agree with curvyceo – that is a very funny visual. 🙂
    You look lovely in these pants! I’m not usually a fan of print pants, but this print is nice, not too loud. I agree with sbchica – I think the pants actually minimize your hips. The whole look is simply chic!

    • Thank you hon! I really thought wearing them would bring more attention to my hips but once I wore them I saw they didnt. Its amazing how we hold on to things and are afraid to move outside our comfort zones. I still struggle with that.

  6. Okay, can I just say that I think prints and patterns would do the OPPOSITE of what you think they would do? I think that if it is a lovely and busy pattern people are so busy noticing the pattern that you don’t really notice hips, or fat thighs, or skinny thighs or no hips… you just notice the awesome print! I love the pants you are wearing and that skirt that the little closet girl is wearing? it’s awesome! Keep stepping out of your comfort zone,but please. Promise me you will never go for shoulder pads in chunky knitted sweaters! 😉

    • I agree with you, a lovely busy pattern will keep focus on the print and not the body. I will definitely keep stepping outside my comfort zone. Next up is wearing a bathing suit WITHOUT a skirted bottom…YIKES! LOL

  7. This outfit looks like you! Totally your style – a chic, hip classic vibe, which is what you always do, so add me to the YES bandwagon! And these pants will KILL in the fall with a darker palette and maybe your leather jacket. GREAT CHOICE Ms. G!

  8. I love this post! That’s exactly how I felt when I wore my bright yellow printed trousers for the first time a few weeks back (I blogged about it). I wasn’t expecting anyone to run out of their homes screaming HIPS- more THUNDER THIGHS and FATASS! All I heard was silence, lol! You look super!

  9. You go girl! The boldest I’ve gotten on my bottom half is printed A-line skirts and a pair of polka dot shorts. Those pants look fantastic. You just inspired me to reconsider some printed pants I’ve been waffling over.

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