Weekend Edition: Boogie Nights

Happy Monday all!

After a quiet weekend, my girlfriends and I decided to head out Sunday night. It’s been awhile since we’ve gone out dancing. Back in the day, we would club hop until the wee hours of the morning and get into all kinds of mischief. Now when we hang out, we’re calling it a night at 10:30pm! While club hopping has lost it’s luster, once in a while we like to get gussied up and head out to shake our groove thangs! LOL

How was your weekend?!

Have a great day!

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IMG_4820 IMG_4824Shirt: Old Navy

Tank: ASOS Curve

Skirt: ASOS Curve

Shoes: Nine West

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

26 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: Boogie Nights

  1. Look at you rockin the stripes girl! I love this because the high waist of the skirt really flatters your figure. I love how you picked up the color in the skirt with the yellow necklace, Very Smexy.

      • Thanks Georgette! I’ve had several people tease me about having the same haircut as my daughter (she has a blunt bob with bangs – kind of typical little girl cut), but I really like how the bangs frame my eyes, and I have lots of layers in my hair (a blunt cut would look horrific on my thick, wavy hair). I love my haircut, and I love hers too, so I just laugh it off – she’s my mini-me. 🙂

  2. Another cute outfit! I love the non-conventional stripy-ness of your skirt. It’s not normally what you think of when you think of a striped skirt, but it’s fantastic! Perfect for a girl’s night out. I’m glad I’m not the only one — I’m usually in bed by 11:00 and that’s usually after I’ve woken myself up after falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV!

  3. Great outfit. Well styled with the necklace and those gorgeous shoes. And clever to add casual (the shirt) to classic (the skirt).

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