Casual Friday/If It Fits….

TGIF all!

On Tuesday I was selected for jury duty which instantly threw me into a funky mood.  Eventually  I had to suck it up and perform my civil duty  (Grrr!).  The upside to serving  is that I can sleep an  extra hour and wear  casual clothes  which leads me to the dress I’m wearing today.  I tried to stay away from getting  another striped dress but I couldn’t let this baby go!  The dress is from Banana Republic (yes, Banana Republic!).  When I usually go into their store it is  to browse for accessories because I told myself I couldn’t fit their clothes.  While checking out a necklace there a few weeks ago,  this maxi dress  beckoned me over.  I knew I had to have it but I wasn’t sure if I could get into an XL (which is their largest size).  After going back & forth, I decided to try it on and …IT FIT!  Now does this mean I can wear Banana Republic’s clothes, probably not but it does  show that you shouldn’t stop yourself from  trying  on “straight” size clothes. The only thing that can happen is that it doesn’t fit!

Have a wonderful weekend!

IMG_4747 IMG_4748 IMG_4750

Dress: Banana Republic

Sandals: Sam Edelman

Necklace: Old Navy

Bracelet: NY & Co.

38 thoughts on “Casual Friday/If It Fits….

  1. Gorgeous! I certainly agree with you. For years, I would go into Old Navy and other stores with my daughter and buy things for her, thinking there was no need in embarassing myself and attempting to try on their clothing. One day I ventured over to the clearance rack and purchased a blouse thinking that if it didn’t fit, no big deal…I’ve lost less than five bucks. It fit and was actually too big. I’ve been shopping in regular stores ever since. 🙂

  2. You are beautiful in that dress!! Yes it’s true, we must not be negative about items on a rack. I purchased several tops in the Juniors department at Macys and enjoy wearing them. “So what if I don’t like it.. there is no law that says I can’t return it”. Enjoy your Life.

  3. Glad you decided to give it a shot, because that dress is super cute. I think the hem and the flutter sleeves keep it from being just another striped dress. I still don’t know how I’ve managed to avoid jury duty, but I’m happy to continue to do so!

  4. I’ve been selected for jury duty twice in my life and both times was dreadfully dissapointed that I had to get out of it for work commitments. I just couldn’t afford not to, and work just couldn’t afford to let me go. Now as far as your dress goes, I LOVE it. It is sooooo funky and awesome. But I know what you mean – there are many shops that I don’t even set foot in because I no longer fit into their regular sizes. Plus, I hate it when I fit a 14 or 16 in Target yet a 22 in their shops doesn’t fit.. only they only go up to a 14… lol

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