Ode to Denim

Happy Hump Day all!

Who doesn’t love denim?  It’s  so versatile that you can wear it with everything and almost anywhere.  Before I started blogging, I owned  two pairs of jeans, one black and one blue.    Blogging has exposed me to  different kinds of denim and helped me to move outside my comfort zone.     I bought my first pair of colored skinny jeans last year and never looked back.    Now I have several pair including bright yellow!  I no longer hesitate to  pair denim with pleated skirts, leather jackets and graphic prints.      I hope to find a really nice denim dress to add to my collection soon.  Any suggestions?

How do you like to wear denim?

Have a wonderful day!

14 thoughts on “Ode to Denim

  1. Denim and I have had a difficult relationship over the years. My fashion formative years were informed by Acid Wash and Stone Wash denim. I had rainbow pinstripe jeans, I had jeans with giant holes in the knees because this is just how things were done. I put aside these childish things and entered the world of adulthood, but I carried with me an irrational fear of dark wash denim.

    My own personal body issues creates a horrible mental block where when I go shopping for jeans I become completely unable to see myself in a rational manner. My Girlfriend is my savior – we have NO problem telling each other “no. Go back and take that off right now”. We are honest in the dressing room, if it works we say yes, and why. If it doesn’t, we say no,and why. Sometimes we just don’t like the fashion. There have been points where i said “I personally don’t like that style, however you have successfully achieved the look you are going for.”

    So my irrational fear of dark wash and my hatred of the dressing room mirror meant I spent many a long year is light wash denim that didn’t quite fit right. However about 6 months ago my GF won the Dark Wash battle and got me into a pair. And I have never looked back.

    Last week I got my first pair of Skinny Jeans (Thank you Lane Bryant) and I LOVE them! They are not the peg leg jeans of my teenage years, but rather a nice form fitting and flattering pair.

    I thought you should know that I had you in mind while I was in the store. I was thinking about your bold colors and willingness to flaunt your curves and how amazing you look. And that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I embraced my inability to see straight and would try something on and ask my GF if it worked. And for the very first time – if she said yes, I didn’t argue.

  2. Yes a denim dress would be nice to have and they can be hard to find. I saw some in Ashley Stewart a week ago. BTW…You just look so great in your skirts!

  3. Your Lane Bryant denim jeans were what sent me scampering in there to get my own – mustard yellow and bright red. I LOVE them! I have gotten a couple of denim dresses at the thrift store actually – a shirt dress and a sort of jumper thing (that doesn’t look as awful as that sounds). Now I need a denim shirt!

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