White Out Part. 2

Happy Hump Day all!

White it is a very polarizing color, either you like it or you hate it.  We’ve been told that we can’t wear white because it’s unforgiving but I reject that notion.  Prior to last year, I had never wore white pants. I was conditioned to believe if I wore a pair they would make me look bigger and highlight my ample thighs.  When I finally decided to buy white pants I was nervous as hell. I was deathly afraid of what people would say about me.    But surprisingly I got nothing but compliments on my ALL white outfit I wore last July (here). After clearing that hurdle,   I embraced wearing white on my bottom and started my search for a white pencil skirt.  It didn’t take me long to find this skirt from Talbots Woman.  Now my next search is for the perfect white dress!

Do you dare to wear white?

Have a wonderful day!

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 Shirt: Old Navy

Skirt: Talbots Woman

Shoes: Seychelles

Necklace: Jeweliq

23 thoughts on “White Out Part. 2

  1. Well, I love white on you!!! That outfit is just beautiful. The only reason that I never wear white is because it is largely unforgiving to the red wine, the bolognaise, the chocolate, the milkshake, the beetroot, the gravy sauce etc that I would tend to SPILL all over it. Not to mention, if I was wearing it on my bottom half, the chewing gum, the bird poop, the girt and grime that I would tend to SIT in. 🙂 I find white a very constricting colour for that very reason – it tends to make me feel like I have to be constantly on my best behaviour for fear of spillages and stains.

  2. The only reason I don’t wear white is because I’d get it dirty so darned quickly. Plus, my skin is insanely white and I’d probably just disappear in it. I know I disappear in any pale pinks, for sure.

  3. I bought that same shirt and was wondering how to make it look great- thanks for doing all the work for me!! I already have a white skirt, but am going to head out today to find yellow shoes. I have never owned a pair of yellow shoes, but they look so great with this outfit. Wish me luck 🙂

  4. You look fantastic in white. The all white outfit you linked to really does flatter your coloring. I wear white like you did in this post — only on the bottom. White makes me look deathly, but I do wear ivory and cream colored shirts. I guess they are my version of “white” and look much better with my somewhat warmer toned skin. However, I like how when white is worn with other colors, it makes the other color(s) pop and just look crisper.

    By the way, I just found your blog and am checking out all your archived posts. You’ve got great style!

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