Casual Friday/5 Things Im Loving Right Now

TGIF everyone!

1. Burning Love

burning love, mark, burning love web series

Ever since I stumbled upon Burning Love ( a Yahoo web series that parodies The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise) I’ve been hooked! To say this show is hilarious is an understatement.  From the clueless “bachelor” to the crazy/delusional  female contestants this show will have you in stitches!

2. Candy Crush

candycrush, candy crush game,

This is my latest iPhone game obsession (obviously I’ve moved on from Ruzzle!).  Cant get enough of it!

3. Jeweliq

jeweliq, statement jewelry, color blocking, spring necklaces, necklaces under $25

As an accessories junkie, I’m always looking for affordable jewelry.  So when I heard about Jeweliq I had to give them a try.  They offer necklaces, bracelets and earrings all for  $25 and under.  Yup, nothing on the site is over $25!  You can now indulge in a fab statement necklace without breaking the bank or paying for shipping!

4. Chobani Non Fat Greek Yogurt Pomegranate

healthy, chobani, healthy eating, greek yougurt, fat free greek yogurt

 I absolutely love this flavor of Chobani yogurt.  It’s smooth, creamy texture and sweet pomegranate flavor  satisfies  my  late afternoon  cravings instantly.  I’ve tried other flavors but none of them compare to the pomegranate. None!  

5. Maxi Dresses

maxidresses, plus size dresses, jcpenney, plus size maxi dresses,

Nothing says Summer to me than an easy, breezy maxi dress.  I own nearly ten of them and I still can’t get enough!   The above JCPenney dress is already on my “must have” list for the Summer!

Have a wonderful weekend!

22 thoughts on “Casual Friday/5 Things Im Loving Right Now

  1. Ha! True Story:I have actually stayed away from Candy Crush precisely because I know how I can get.But maxi dresses and accessory pieces? TRUE addiction!

  2. Hahahahahah bloody Candy Crush!!!!! I’m on level 96. What level are you on? If you wanna add me as a friend on FB I can send you extra moves and help you thru levels etc. lol. My FB name is Yvette Rydman 🙂

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