10 thoughts on “Spring Trends

  1. Happy Friday! (well, for YOU! Here it is three quarters of the way through Saturday already. Blah). Well, Hmm. Yellow!!!!! I cannot say I own one single yellow item in my wardrobe. There is a reason for this – grades 1 – 7 (primary school) my uniform was yellow and brown (or as my workmate so nicely put it the other day when I told her – poo and wee. haha). Then my highschool uniform was yellow and navy blue. Then I worked in a few places, but then got a job where my unform was the same as my high school one – yellow and navy blue. Gee whiz, is it any wonder I am not a fan of the colour yellow in clothing!!! (saying that, you wear those yellow jeans very well, and I loved that last post you did with them in.)

    Spring fashion. We are heading into winter here… I have no idea what is coming up in fashion. How do you know all this stuff!!!! I have always loved a good knit. For spring, I love those knits that are a cardigan that is really loosly knit that looks almost like lace or something, that will keep your shoulders warm but will allow the wind to rustle through if need be, if it’s too hot. I think knitwear looks really nice. I had a lovely gold knit top that had big stitches so I could wear a number of different colours underneath that looked really nice. Do you have any knitwear? I’d love to see a blog post from you with your take on knitwear. (that word, knitwear, sounds like what granny would wear, but really! It’s sooo much better than that! haha).

    Well, I’d better stop procrastinating and go clean the house. I have so much to do on my days off… and to think I just bought five second hand books at a garage sale. There goes my Sunday! lol. xo

    • Now I understand why you are “yellowed” out! :). I have knitwear in the form of cardigans and v neck sweaters. I love cardigans especially over cute dresses! Sorry to hear you are heading into Winter. Our Winter is almost over and Im so HAPPY! Right now for the remainder of Winter Im loving brightly colored sweaters, colored corduroy pants, black tights and turtlenecks. I have had pencil skirts and striped blazers on repeat mode. They are best things!

      I always find that on your day off you have a million things to do. It never fails! LOL

      Have a wonderful Sunday!

      • Haha don’t be sorry we are heading into Winter! We have just suffered 43 degree temperatures (not sure what that is in Farenheit, but just think of one word here… HOT). I wish I could wear skirts. I either feel frumpy, they don’t have pockets, or my fat thighs rub together and cause friction (ouch) and I hate stockings. When I wear stockings, they either fall half way down (very uncomfortable), they get a whopping great big tear in the crotch (very uncomfortable), they get ladders, or they are too short (very uncomfortable)…. nope. I don’t like stockings! Leggings are a bit better, but wearing them under a skirt or dress makes the skirt or dress stick to them and look ugly. 😦 I wish I had your fashion nouce. 🙂

      • Spanx saved my life regarding chub rub. I never leave the house without them under my dresses in the Spring & Summer. Check this post from the Big Girl Blog regarding her solution for chub rub. Its a really good post! Have you tried welovecolors.com for plus size stockings? I heard great things about them and they come in all kinds of colors!

        As for skirts check out Eshakti.com because if you provide your measurements you can have the skirts and dresses tailored to your body!

        Hope this was helpful. I personally think you rock hon! 😉

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