The Best of 2012

Happy Monday all!

Initially I wasn’t going to do a “best of” post but I decided to do one anyway.  I picked these outfits because they were so fun to wear! The outfits are special to me because they show me embracing my body.  No more hiding and following ridiculous fashion “rules”. If I like it and feel comfortable, I’m gonna wear it!

In keeping with New Year traditions, I’ve only made two resolutions that I know I will not break:

1. Exercise & be healthy

2. Travel more (I’m heading to Vegas later this month, Paris in April and Chicago in July)

What are your New Year resolutions?

Have a great day!

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13 thoughts on “The Best of 2012

  1. You have a great fashion sense, and yes, a little on the larger side (heh, I’m allowed to say that – so am I! Read my new years resolutions blog!) but so, so fashionable! I love that you just wear what YOU like and feel comfortable in. 🙂 Happy new year to you, my lovely, and I can’t wait to see what you will show us this year. Do you buy your clothes from thrift shops as well as retail? I used to love finding those Ross Dress For Less shops when I was in the USA on holidays. Do you have one of those nearby? 🙂

    • Thank you hon for this comment! I think ALL women should wear what they like & what makes them feel comfortable. Im a HORRIBLE thrifter so Im definitely open to suggestions. Yes I have a Ross store near my house but its always rundown and poorly managed. I feel like Im going to a garage sale everytime I go in there! Have a wonderful NEW YEAR! 🙂

      • So you are not a garage saler? lol. Oh dear. i love garage sales and op shops etc. What a shame your local Ross shop is a bit on the dodgy side.

  2. That purplish-reddish dress is divine, I love the outfit with the pink belt (I’ve never tried a skinny belt before…hmmm…), and I love what you did with pairing polka dots of different colors!

  3. yay to travel – so much fun – one day i aim to travel around the USA man v food style, and eat my way round, the food looks amazing! great outfits and great resolutions and i also am doing more excercise this year, no other reason but for my health – my other decision is to start buying 1950’s swing dresses and wear them, i LOVE them and have put it off with no good reason, but this year i am going where my vintage heart is x

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