Casual Friday/Fighting Old Man Winter

TGIF all!

Without realizing it, I’m wearing the  winterized version of this outfit I wore back in August.  Winter is my least favorite season so I can get a little gloomy while impatiently waiting for the Spring to come.  This year I plan to continue to wear bright colors and cheery outfits such as this one to keep the “winter blues” away.   I think this Gap blazer I ordered today should help out immensely!

Gap neon blazer

How do you combat the “winter blues”?

Have a wonderful evening!

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Cardigan: Old Navy

Skirt: Talbots Woman

Shell: Fashion Bug

Necklace: Forever 21

Belt: Eloquii

8 thoughts on “Casual Friday/Fighting Old Man Winter

  1. Love it! Polka dots and red and blue. Very cute.

    IF (just an idea) you wanted it, Old Navy sells red and navy blue tights that are very plus size friendly which might help round that outfit out very nicely.

  2. i have a deep love of polka dots, seriously, its like an obsession! i LOVE the oufit, and you look so pretty – have a happy new year, all the best x

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