Put a Brooch on It

Happy Hump Day all!

Okay so is it safe to say Fall is over?  We went from basking in the warm Fall sun to 30-40 degree temps!   I ignored the forecast and still continued to wear my trench coat even though it wasn’t keeping me warm.  Finally after  freezing on the train platform last week, I ended my standoff.  My initial thought was to buy a new coat but then I  started thinking of ways to update my old coat. Adding a brooch instantly came to mind.  Brooches are great way to liven up an old coat.  Colorful and sparkly  ones will definitely make your coat stand out.   Try putting together different brooch shapes and sizes. And don’t be afraid to add more than one brooch either.  As they say “the more the merrier”!

Would you add a brooch to your coat?

Have a great evening!

Coat: Old Navy (bought it 3yrs ago)

Jeans: Evans

Turtleneck: Gap

Brooch: Forever 21

Boots: Joan & David

21 thoughts on “Put a Brooch on It

  1. Yes, I would add one; if I needed a coat. Still hitting 80 in the daytime here, although we had a couple of cold mornings with lows around freezing. Now the lows are back around 50+. I do not miss the cold weather y’all get up there!

  2. thanks thanks thanks! You not only blog amazing plus size outfits but also show that you’re real, that you work, that you get cold, the whole package! What most frustrates me about other blogs is they show picture perfect spring-y/summery outfits in the middle of winter or outfits that can’t possibly be used by a working woman. I love your approach!

    • Thank you so much for this! I want people to see that Im just a regular person who works, gets cold, etc. I never want ppl who visit my blog to think that my style is unattainable or highbrow. So Im glad you enjoy my blog and hope you come back and comment often!

  3. I love the touch of glam your brooch gives your classic coat. Very nice. If I had that style coat, I would definitely add a brooch. The only thing I have that I would like to add a brooch to at the moment is an atypical black and white blazer. It was designed to hang open, but I think, on me at least, a brooch to pin it loosely together would be more flattering and add a little sparkle to an otherwise sort of boring top layer. I just have to find a brooch I like…

  4. WOW! Girl, I LOVE your style! You wear things I never would attempt and you look so good! You’ve given me some awesome ideas!!!! I love you!

  5. Love you girl!! Your writing is great, and I appreciate so much that you let us know where you find your fabulous clothes…and the color palettes you use are bright and beautiful (and fearless!) I so appreciate you and your contribution to the continuing conversation we beautifully curvy women have about how to love and accept our bodies as they are..your presence is affirming and much needed..Have a blessed Sunday! Ann

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