Walking on the Wild Side

Happy Hump Day all!

I have a confession to make… I’m obsessed with leopard print!   From shoes to skirs to sweaters, you name it I got it!  I know this  print can be scary for some but I’m here to tell you there’s  nothing to fear!  The items below can easily be added into your wardrobe.   You can wear leopard print from the supermarket to the office, it’s all about how you incorporate it.  Try mixing a leopard print top with red, black or cobalt blue jeans. Add a cardigan to a black dress or wear a trench with your jeans and t-shirt to instantly update your look.  If you’re looking to try something new this fall,  give leopard print a whirl!   

Have a wonderful day!

Untitled #16

4 thoughts on “Walking on the Wild Side

  1. leopard, snake, zebra – i love them all! i didn’t touch the stuff until a couple of years ago, but now there is a distinct part of my wardrobe that is growling! and yes to leopard and red! i think animal print is a neutral, and can wear with anything – the cheetah skirt is calling me! x

  2. I used to have a beautiful leopard and floral print top. I know that sounds weird but it was gorgeous, comfortable, and well made – an absolute favorite. I accidentally washed and dried it with a name tag stuck to it. The glue from the name tag fused to the fabric and I couldn’t get it out. So sad 😦

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