All Good Things Must Come to an End

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is my first day back at work after being on vacation for a week.  I always struggle with  transitioning back into work  mode after  a great vacation .  I walk around the office pouting and procrastinate going through email from  the previous week.   I  sit at my desk and  daydream  about my vacation and begin plotting  my next getaway.

Getting  up this morning was a small feat because I wanted to  stay in bed so badly!   I knew if  called out  I would only be delaying the inevitable.  So I forced myself to ignore the urge to call out  and headed into the office.  I kept  my outfit simple  by pairing my  yellow pencil skirt with my newly acquired black & white striped top.  Ive always  liked the combo of yellow and black together.  I figured a pop of color would  help lift  my back to work blues.

How do you get back into “work mode” after a vacation?

Skirt & top: Eloquii

Blazer: Torrid

Pumps: Nine West

Bracelet: H&M

29 thoughts on “All Good Things Must Come to an End

  1. I envy you that you get a vacation !! Just kidding, but I have 56 hours overtime coming on my next check. I work in a power plant and during the summer we can only dream about vacations. You look fabulous as usual. I love the yellow and black/white. Very sophisticated.

  2. You look fabulous and classy as always!~ And I love that top… I’ve been eying it on Eloquii since it came out but I’m trying not to buy anything else with black and white stripes on it. lol.

    As far as settling back in from vacations, I’ve honestly been on one for-fun trip in the past 5 or 6 years so I don’t really have a routine. All I know is I desperately miss Atlantis in Nassau. That place was amazing!

  3. love those eloquii pieces…saw that top in store this weekend!

    glad you had a good vacay and i always try to enjoy it while it last as much as possible so when it’s over, i just hit the ground running after a holiday

  4. Love the colour and I do think that wearing a happy colour would help with the back to work blues. Planning your next trip is also a great idea … glad you had a wonderful vacation.

    Have a happy day now.

  5. That skirt gave me a needed smile this morning! Ugh, the dreaded return to work after vacation… the lethargy, the disorientation, the walking-through-molasses feeling… I can work fairly independently on my job, so I usually try to tackle a very minor project first thing (update a database, clean out a few files, busy work, etc.). This seems to ease me back into things so I can face the dreaded wall of emails. Hope your transition went smoothly!

  6. Love the outfit and love the new look on your blog. I get back to work the same way you do…one foot in front of the other – and then the next day is a little less painful 🙂

  7. Hope you had a great vacation! I just got back from mine this afternoon and I am definitely dreading getting up for work in the morning. I am also dreading getting dressed for work because I managed to get a little sunburn and wearing anything other than a sports bra, shorts and a tanktop sounds miserable.

  8. I love black, white and yellow together. It always seems so 60s’ mod when I do it. Maybe that’s why I like it? I know how tough it is to get back to work. Hope you are readjusting well!

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