Pretty Peplum Pt. 3

Happy Monday!

It’s rare that a trend comes along that has me falling head over heels in love. Peplum has done this to me. I have to restrict my purchases because if I had it my way, I would wear peplum skirts, shirts and dresses all the time! Why has peplum smitten me so? It’s the fit and flounce of the ruffle! I also think in some way it takes me back to when I was kid pretending to be a princess in my Sunday ruffled best. I’m addicted to ruffles and peplum has become my crack!

What trends are you in love with? Have a great evening!

Shirt: ASOS Curve (here)

Pants: the Avenue

Shoes: Nine West

12 thoughts on “Pretty Peplum Pt. 3

  1. i love your colour combinations, they are always so fresh and chic – i heart peplums so much (i tried one recently and it just wasnt right – weep) you look so good! x

  2. I saw that peplum shirt on ASOS and said I will not because Ihave the black peplum top and dont want to have too many. Looking at the colorblock one I just may. I saw a tank style peplum on Ruche that I may get to wear more casually with jeans. Girl our shopping tastes are so similar. Must meet up at KOP one day.

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