Old Habits Begone!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the fabulous weather!

This week I’m all about bold prints, stripes and color. Lately I’ve slipped back into my old habit of wearing dark colors. The problem with old habits is that they are very easy to return to. Old habits are so comfortable and familiar that before you know it you’re sucked back in. Making change and sticking with it can be a lot of work but as they say “no pain, no gain!” My outfit today is a commitment to change and breaking old habits.

How do you combat old habits? Have a great evening!

Dress: Adrianna Papell (get it here)

Shoes: Nine West (bought them a year ago)

Blazer: Torrid

20 thoughts on “Old Habits Begone!

  1. What pretty neon colors! I’m totally a neutral lover (although purple is one of my neutrals), but this looks smashing. Also, your toes are adorable!

  2. Loving this dress. It fits you perfectly. You know I’ve been blaming you for my shopping damages. but I love looking Fab. It is all thanks to you.

  3. So these dark colors you’ve been wearing . . . are those the days you don’t post outfits? Because I see tons of bright colors when I scroll back through your posts 🙂 You look lovely, as always.

  4. That dress is TDF. Hi I’m Terry and I just read your interview at 40+Style. I had to pop in and check out your blog. I will certainly be back…often

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